Faculty and Staff

Summer College Camps

summer college camps students relaxing

summer college camps students relaxing

Our core strength of our summer college camps are our staff. Our team of talented and energetic professionals manages, teach and run this program.

Our in-class faculty includes dedicated teaching professionals with a strong professional background as well as teaching and summer camp experience. Our teaching staff is committed to making the program as fun and rewarding as possible.

Our on-site program staff are dedicated to filling breaks, lunch, afternoon activity and other nonacademic times at our summer college camps feature fun events which take advantage of the beautiful campus as well as pulling from the personal background of each member of the team.

Our program Directors are on-site each day at the summer college camps to provide guidance, to oversee student safety, and to ensure each student is cared for and learning to their utmost ability.

Staff Snapshots!

See below for a selection of staff bios from last summer’s summer college camps. We constantly strive to hire and train the best possible candidates for each position. Check back often to see who we have on tap for this summer:


Michaela Papa
Michaela Papa, graduate from Hofstra University with a Degree in Creative Writing is ready to share her experience as a writer for Discovery Girls Magazine and newspaper columnist with your student. Michaela will teach a wide array of creative modes of writing in this summer college camps course; some more familiar, some with which the student may otherwise have never be exposed.


Tuesday James
Tuesday James is currently getting her M.S in Forensic Science: Molecular Biology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where she also obtained her B.S in Forensic Science: Criminalistics. She is working on a couple of research projects; one on the age determination of body fluids such as saliva and second to test a company’s portable version of an instrument they have developed for military use. Tuesday intends to get her Ph. D in infectious diseases.


James Putnam
St. Andrews Professor of Computer Science James Putnam graduated from St. Andrews in 1976 with a degree in mathematics and minors in chemistry and philosophy. After thirty years in Silicon Valley during the heyday of the personal computer revolution and having worked for companies like Zilog, Intel, Sun Microsystems, SGI, Nvidia, and Advanced Micro Devices, he developed specializations in graphics system and computer language design. He saw an opportunity to merge his professional and personal interests in the form of a multidisciplinary approach to liberal arts education, which resulted in a broader and deeper reach for the existing Game Art Design program at St. Andrews taught by Associate Professor of Art Christopher McDavid.

Putnam also teaches traditional computer sciences, but is most interested in the places where the sciences and arts overlap. “I get really excited when I see an arts student take a biology course, or a chemistry student try out one of our music or sculpture courses. That means they’re thinking outside of their specialization focus, and that’s where the really interesting and fun stuff comes from.”

Jokingly referring to himself as “Nerd in Residence” at our summer college camps, Putnam resides in a St. Andrews student dorm and splits his scant spare time between Atlanta and California. He is in part owned by a small spaniel dog and wholly owned by the creative process. “Working in an academic environment is incredibly challenging and stimulating, I often feel that I’m learning more than I teach. The important part is that the students see first hand what it’s like to take meaning from multiple seemingly unrelated disciplines.”


Dr. Laura Kellam
Dr. Laura Kellam attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Biology. Then Dr. Kellam continued her education at Virginia Polytechnic University in Blacksburg, Va., obtaining her DVM degree. She took an Equine Surgery and Medicine Internship at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She completed her residency of Equine Internal Medicine at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Kellam has been a member of the St. Andrews equestrian staff since August 2004. She is the Veterinarian-in-Residence and Assistant Professor in Equine Studies. Dr. Kellam is responsible for the veterinary care and maintenance of the 140+ herd at the St. Andrews Equestrian Center. She is also the professor of the equine science-related classes and pre-veterinary studies program. Dr. Kellam’s riding interests resides in three-day eventing with some hunter/jumper experience as well. Dr. Kellam is a musician who plays piano and sings as a mezzo-soprano. She loves cold weather and enjoys skiing and snowboarding and dog sledding. However in the southern climate, Dr. Kellam has picked up sea-kayaking to keep her happy in the warmer weather.