Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camp FAQ

Who attends Summer at St Andrews?

Everyone! Our program is perfect for any student interested in extending their learning into the summer and experiencing life on a college campus. Our students are action-oriented, motivated thinkers looking to creatively and freely explore their interests in a setting that is much more than just summer academic experience.

Our students are not interested solely in academics. They also look to the wide variety of evening activities we provide and the diversity of friends they make on campus. Students interact with everyone in the program—from the directors to the RAs to students in other classes—and discover role models and make new friends during their time at SAU! So who comes to Summer at St Andrews? You do!

Who will be my roommate?
Is the dorm fun?

Students are matched with roommates based on age and course. We endeavor to have roommates who are the same age but who are in different academic tracks. Students are housed on floors by gender, and staff lives on each floor.

I’m flying to St Andrews, can you pick me up?

Yes, the College offers drivers and vans to pick up and drop off students at Fayetteville Airport (FAY). Fayetteville is the best airport to get in and out of. Staff members escort students. For those who choose this service, full payment and travel information must be submitted by June 1.

Can I bring my cell phone, iPod, iPad or laptop?

Students may bring their cell phones; however, we have a strict cell phone use policy, and students must check their phones with the program office when they arrive on Sunday. We do this for two reasons: phone use can be disruptive to the learning environment and can prevent students from connecting with the new friends and mentors around them. Students may take cell phones on all off-campus trips as an extra level of safety. Students and parents may reach each other in the case of an emergency, 24-hours a day, through the program office and security office phone numbers. Students may not bring personal laptops or other devices such as iPads and iPods to the program but may use the campus computers for email and Internet use.



summer camp faq

summer camp faq


summer camp faq

summer camp faq