Summer Camps Massachusetts

Summer Camps Massachusetts (SCM) was designed as a simple solution for parents, counselors, and camp owners/directors looking for camp resources in the Massachusetts area.


Our goal is to list some level of contact information for all summer programs in every community within the state and to make it simple to connect parents to programs. The alphabetical search will allow you to locate a program in your area quickly.


SCM is the ideal solution for your program if you are looking for families that are interested in Massachusetts options. Our website is designed to register high on internet searches for many keywords, and our fee structure is designed to be affordable for any program. If you do a search for any number of camp terms with the word "Ma, Mass, or Massachusetts" across Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., you will see our website come up repeatedly.

Every season is different, and in certain years, it can be very difficult for many camps. Some programs definitely perform better than others and much of that has to do with pursuing every angle possible to get in front of prospective parents.

Making it more difficult are the numbers of camp directories springing up to vie for your business. Newsletters are emailed, promotions are given, discounts made...but what are you really getting for those $$$?

At Summer Camps Massachusetts, our directory is geared towards one purpose; driving campers to camps. In speaking with a number of programs in the Bay State, it was apparent that they were not very interested in staff databases, promotional products, facility rentals, etc. and that the bottom line was bringing new campers to their programs.

Traffic: What it means / What it doesn't mean

Many directories like to tout their traffic numbers. However, you need to understand how the data is collected and interpreted to make an educated decision about which indexes to use. First of all, what traffic are they sending you? Is it parent traffic? Staff traffic? Is someone searching for pictures? "Spiders" or "Bots" that troll the web?? The only way for you to know what is working for you is by conversions. This is the most important word in sales. Basically, it means would you rather have a website that sends you 100 visitors, and only one of them uses your service, or would you prefer to be sent 40 visitors and 10 of them register for your program? In the previous example, there is a 1% conversion rate, while in the other, there is a 25% conversion rate. Unfortunately, the only true way to find out is to ask your registrants where they are coming from.

National Directories vs. Local

Without question, a national summer camp directory will have more overall visitors, but what does someone looking for a camp in Texas have to do with your Queens college summer classes? On the one hand, it gives the national directory exposure; however, that national directory will have to play second fiddle to a local directory that is targeted for that particular state. When key words specific to a particular state are typed into search engines, national directories seldom come up in the first position. The SCM website was designed in an optimal fashion so as to register higher for particular search terms and over multiple platforms (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).

Optimized for Parents

If you view the SCM website, it only takes a parent one click to get to the page that lists their town. They do not need to fill out a form or scan the page for more than a few seconds to figure out where to go. Secondly, they are not sent to an internal website. If they click onto a link, they are sent directly to your website. Unless you believe that the directory can sell your program better than you can, then this is the most effective method to use.

From FREE to Premium Services Available

Most directories offer some sort of free listing. However, this usually means you are sent to an abyss that is between 2-30 clicks deep where you can never be found. Even with some of the premium listings, they are set up so that you may likewise be at the bottom of a page or even lower. With SCM, EVERYBODY has some degree of relevant exposure. Yes, if you would like to be front and center when parents first visit, then we have that option. If you do not have the financial resources, then we offer a free, linked listing that will drive parents to your program!