Studio Art: Painting, Drawing, and More

This program is perfect for young artists who want to take their work to the next level. Students in our studio art summer programs will gain a clear understanding of the current design and artistic trends. We’ll discuss artistic forms such as found art, art in public spaces, and other important trends. Two important factors of this course are skill building and portfolio development. A great prequel to the studio art major at the University, this class will be fantastic.

Portfolio Development

All artists need a quality portfolio that showcases their skill and talent. Portfolios can be used as part of the University application process – especially for schools that specialize in the arts. They are also critical to pursuing a career or getting gallery shows. Whatever the state of your current portfolio, you will leave the summer session with a stronger and more advanced presentation.

Skills and Personal Expression

We want to help you express your vision through the medium of arts. So we will spend some time on pure skill building, from drawing and painting to sculpture and mixed – media. We’ll also help you to pursue your artistic dream, to find the essence of your work, and to express it in various formats. Students in our studio art summer programs will learn and improve their skills
 in visualization, using charcoal, pens, pencils and paint to draw objects and forms from direct observation. We will also work in three dimensions, with found materials and with our own imaginations!

Bring your ideas and talent to life in this fantastic studio art summer program.

Studio art summer programs classwork may include:

  • Genres: Landscapes, Still Life, Abstraction, Figures
  • Projects: Drawing and Painting
  • Clay portraits busts
  • Face jugs
  • Canvas making (creating supports/stretching/framing)
  • Clay
  • Hydrocal casting
  • Drawing and Site Specific Works (2 and 3 Dimensional explorations)
  • Floating sculptures on the lake
  • Installations and environmental art
    • Media:

      • Oil and/or acrylic
      • Studio Art Summer Programs Field Trips

      Field trip ideas this summer include:

      studio art summer programs

      studio art summer programs


      This class is taught by:

      Stephanie McDavid

      Professor of Art

      St. Andrews University

      She says: “I am passionate about all things related to making art. I enjoy teaching students new ways to work with media and techniques, helping artists fine tune their ideas and make them into actual two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, and working with artists to clearly express their concepts to a viewer. The satisfaction that a student gains from creating a thoughtful, well-crafted visual work is the reason I have taught for over 25 years. I can’t wait for the next 25 years and I look forward to continue this summer while working with you. Let’s make something!”

      Student Testimonial:
      “This camp rocks! I never knew you could have so much fun while learning such cool things.”
      – Summer at St Andrews student, summer 2013, from Florence, SC

      studio art summer programs

      studio art summer programs