Are you interested in a career in medicine? Perhaps to be a doctor one day, or to find the cure for cancer? How about a career as an environmental scientist or marine biologist? You’ll need to take Biology, and you’ll need to take our pre-med course. Tracking closely to the AP Biology test and pre-med curricula, this course is for any student who may be interested in health care, becoming a health care professional or scientist, or even a biologist of any sort!

Learn about the major specialties chosen by doctors – like orthopedics, ENT, general surgery, internal and family medicine, sports medicine and all of the other vast amount of specialties available to students these days.  What is the process of becoming a surgeon, a doctor, a Physician’s Assistant? Find out at our pre med summer program.

We also look at the courses of study that lead to jobs and careers in healthcare and biology.  Chemistry, carbon, biology… there is a lot to learn and a lot to know.  Get started now!

The AP Biology test is a critical step for many high schoolers.  We will look at the test and the course of study and see how we can prepare our students to do the best they can do as they prepare at school for these courses and for the test.

pre med summer program

pre med summer program