Digital Photography

Learn to take fantastic pictures with a digital camera and your smartphone. Learn to manipulate the images using free online software, apps, and professional tools such as Photoshop. The world of digital Photography awaits those with an artistic eye!

Our digital photography summer camp is designed to bring a potent toolbox into your world.

Apps:  There are so many apps.  Each one has so many features… where are you going to even begin?  Everybody knows how to use filters, right?  Or do we?

Filters: What is a filter, how do they work, what does it mean, what is the science behind filters?  We need to learn what they are and how they work if we are going to be good at them.

Image Manipulation:  Do we need Photoshop to manipulate images?  Is there anything else that will work to manipulate images that will not cost as much money?  What about free apps that will do the job?  We will discover and research the best systems and programs in use.

Subjects:  Perhaps the most important part of any photograph is the subject.  What and how to pick the right subject, and how and when to take the pictures… these are the critical parts of any picture.  After all, if nobody likes the image, nobody is gonna care how well it has been worked on behind the scene at our digital photography summer camp! Ansel Adams knew about this… do you?  Do you know who he is?  He isn’t a digital photographer but he is an inspiration!

digital photography summer camp

digital photography summer camp

Packing List for Photographers – Please bring the following with you to camp:

● Digital Camera

○ Dedicated camera is preferred. Camp does not permit campers to keep cell phones with them during camp. If a camper is using a cell phone as their camera, they may only have access to the phone during instructional periods and may not have opportunities to take photos outside of instructional times.

○ A user manual for your camera, if you have one. Many can be downloaded and printed from the internet.

● Extra batteries (charger if rechargeable) Over pack batteries so you don’t run out!

● SD Card or other storage media for camera

● SD Card Reader or Cable to connect camera to computer (you’ll need some way to get your photos from the camera to the computer)

● We’ll be using Google services so bring your gmail login and passwords if you already have an account. If you don’t have a Google account, we’ll get you set up at camp.

● Optional

○ Camera bag to carry and protect your gear

○ tripod or monopod (Starting at $10.99 for a cheap monopod, these are a good first piece of gear.)

○ Any other photography gadgets you have and want to use.

○ Digital camera buying suggestions (if you already have a camera, you don’t need to buy a camera for camp but if you’re shopping look for these features as good basics) in order of importance

■ Manual focus

■ Manual ISO control

■ Manual exposure/shutter speed (1/60, 1/120, etc.)

■ Manual Aperture control (F­stop)

■ Manual white balance

■ Optical zoom

■ Optical image stabilization

What you’ll be bringing home:

● LOTS of memories captured in photos

● A greater understanding of composing, capturing, and editing.