Writer’s Workshop

It’s easy for a young writer to feel unfulfilled or under- challenged in high school or middle school. The creative writing student at SAU is in search of something more. Small class size, high-caliber instruction, and student- centered material help participants improve their written expression while experiencing the joy of making creative ideas come alive. Students go home with an electronic portfolio of their writing, which serves as a reminder of the great work they did.

Students will write short stories and personal narratives and learn a variety of poetry styles. There’s also room for personalization—everything from songwriting to fan fiction is fair game if the student has the passion for it. Expect a wide array of creative modes of writing in this course; some more familiar, some to which the student may have never been exposed. Our creative writing summer programs are very cool.

While previous creative writing experience is by no means required, students are welcome to bring any ideas or projects they may have been working on into the class. Students may have interest in a wide range of forms, including romance, fantasy or horror. These pieces may be wittily hilarious or grippingly realistic.

Journalism and narrative nonfiction offer an outlet for our creative writing summer programs are important and driven to discover truth and bent on analyzing the art of description. These ways of writing could also help tackle the issues most important to the students themselves.

Writing education at the high school and University levels has been growing ever-more oriented to non-fiction. 
This creative writing summer programs course is therefore especially well suited for those students who want to get a leg up on the freshman writing classes required by most universities. But don’t think that makes it less creative. Writing nonfiction in an engaging way is a vital and empowering skill. In this spirit, part of this course is dedicated to writing their personal statement, where a student self-analyzes in much the same way the course challenges them to analyze the world.

For all students, the ability to write is critical. Students below the performance line may need to take additional freshman writing courses upon arrival to their freshman year. This course will help students skip remediation writing courses and jump straight over to advanced writing!

“Thank you so much! This camp helped my writing more than any school class. I feel like a genuine growth and difference has occurred.”
– Writing student, summer 2013, from Alpharetta, GA

creative writing summer programs

creative writing summer programs